Machine Hire

Hire from our range of professional roasting equipment and be your own Chef!

Hire from our range of professional roasting equipment and be your own Chef!

We offer 2 Roasting equipment hire options so you can enjoy roasting, carving & serving your guests for yourself!

Make sure your special event is super special with a do-it-yourself Hog Roast

Option 1. We deliver a pre slow-roasted Hog in one of our top-of-the-range roasters, allowing you to carve and serve your hungry guests yourself

Option2. We provide an uncooked Hog and the roasting machine so you can enjoy the cooking experience as well as carving and serving your guests

Catering for up to 300 diners, our drop-off service is a very popular option offering even better value for money!

Just some of the benefits of our equipment hire services
  • Our professional Chefs provide comprehensive training should you choose to roast the Hog yourself
  • You can rest assured the Hog is of the highest quality and fully prepared including diamond scorring for perfect crackling and portioning
  • You decide how large the Hog is depending on the number of guests at your event
  • We provide all the crockery, cutlery, sauces, stuffing and condiments
  • There’s no need to clean down the roasting machine as we take care of that on return
  • These delivery options offer a great value for money service making the most of your budget
  • Choose from 2 roasting options. Create great theatre with a spit pole rotisserie or choose a Hog tray for extra convenience

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